Firstly Luxury Trump has nothing to do with Trump Luxury. Just a coincidence we both have unique and similar sounding names. Asking about the name is more like – what came first, the Fabergé egg or the Tsar?

We would love to claim something like “Luxury Trump is the leading luxury website in the world” or “an award-winning luxury blog”. We are none of that, yet. Stay tuned, you never know.

Founded in 2013, Luxury Trump’s content include real estate (?!), fashion, high-end gadgets, afternoon teas, watches, cars and much more. Most of the content is written by Sandun (not Indonesian) and a few by Dee, Ruchi, Catherine, and Rachel.

The blog content is free for millions to read, share and comment. Luxury Trump is available for readers of all things luxury through online media on a host of platforms and handheld devices.

The only reason Luxury Trump even has an “About Page” is content distributors and advertisers are hell-bent on getting to know us.

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