Patek Philippe Watch That Called JFK’s Death Sold For $161,000

Patek Philippe JFK Dr Kemp Clark - 3

Here’s an update on Dr. Kemp Clark’s Patek Philippe watch I wrote about last month on this post. Dr. Kemp Clark called the time of death of President John F Kennedy as the attending Neurosurgeon of The Parkland Memorial Hospital. He declared the time as 1pm with the watch he was wearing at the time, the Patek Philippe Reference 1463 with Pulsemeter.

The watch was part of Christie’s “Imporatnt Watches” auction held yesterday at Rockefeller Plaza in New York. It was sold for $161,000 and had pre-auction estimate between $100,000 and $150,000. According to Christie’s part of the proceeds of this sale will benefit charity. Information of the buyer not released by the auction house.

Patek Philippe JFK Dr Kemp Clark - 4


Source: Christie’s