Tony Blair’s Luxury Life – Travelling The World In £7,000-An-Hr Private Jet

Tony Blair5

Former British PM Tony Blair, is living the high-life of a wealthy conservative. Since leaving office in 2007, Mr Blair has amassed a fortune of around £50 million thru his work as business consultant and public speaker. It was reported he regularly charter the £7,000 an hour ($11,000) private jet that features a stateroom, lounge, kitchen and bed. Customized luxurious 19-seater jet has distinctive black and gold livery, leather seats and walnut paneling.

When he was Prime Minister, Blair outright rejected the plans for a presidential-style jet, dubbed “Blair Force One,” as too expensive.

Blair was seen disembarking the Bombardier Global Express in various places around the world recently. His destinations included Bangkok, Sardinia, New York State, Israel, Switzerland and Ukraine. He was photographed leaving the jet on August 25 in Sardinia and a day later seen in Upstate New York town of Adirondack – an eight hour flight with an estimated cost of £60,000.

2006 built Bombardier is registered with the UK Civil Aviation Authority in 2008. Hampshire based company, Aravco Ltd is listed as its owner. The Bombardier website describe the jet as ‘It is the most luxurious, most accomplished business aircraft ever built, accommodating the desires of the most sophisticated and demanding traveller with no compromises.’ It can fly non-stop for 13 hours and has a 7000 mile range. Jet costs around £30 million ($48 million.)

He was in Bangkok on September 2 to give a speech and the plane was spotted there from September 1 thru 3. This trip itself from London to Bangkok would have cost him £90,000 on published rates.  A spokesman for Mr Blair said: ‘Taxpayers do not foot any part of the bill.’

Bombardier Globe Express interior


Source: Daily Mail UK