Buscemi Launches Sneakers With 18 Karat Gold Plated Lock

Buscemi - sneakers

A sneaker with 18 karat gold plated lock! If you’ve got it, flaunt it. That seems to be the motto for Jon Buscemi’s Fall 2013 collection,  a collection crafted entirely from premium material and gold plated hardware. Jon Buscemi, previously of Gourmet Footwear and Mosley Tribes fame recently started his own footwear and streetwear brand, Buscemi.

First sneaker to launch from the house of Buscemi, the Berkin bag inspired 100MM Mid-Top. Made from full grain Italian tumbled leather with gold plated hardware, calfskin lining and a gold plated working lock on the ankle strap.

Buscemi Fall 2013 collection is entirely made in Italy. Other items from the collection includes, a leather wrap skateboard, a dog leash, a key chain, a leather bag and a leather coffee cup holder.

Priced at $800, sneakers are available in colors black, white and red.

Buscemi - other items


Source: Pursuitist