Lucky Socks – Falke Vicuña, World’s Most Expensive Pair Of Socks

Falke Vicuña Sox - 1

This could be your proverbial “lucky socks”. There’s a catch though, first you have to be lucky enough to afford a pair of Falke Vicuña at €860 (approx. $1150). Socks are made by good old, Falke, folks in Germany, who for over a century made it their business to make high-end luxury socks.

Made from rarest and most expensive Vicuña wool, which is ultra-soft, lighter and warmer than any other wool in the world. Falke guarantee these socks will keep your feet warm and toasty this winter. Socks comes in a beautiful wooden box. Vicuña, is a rare llama that live in the high alpine areas of the Andes.

Maybe this is the gift to give for the man who has everything this Christmas. You need to hurry then, this is a limited edition offer with only 10 pairs of socks made. Also available are in a limited edition series, 20 pairs of sweaters in 10 V-neck and 10-Turtleneck priced at €2,400 (approx. $3,200).


Source: Wow Zone and Falke