The Fendi Be Baguette For Fall 2013

Fendi Baguette 2013 - 1

Fendi is expanding its Baguette wall with the new “Be Beguette” line. Fendi Baguette, widely credited as one of the first “It” bags in fashion accessories, now has Be Baguette to carry its much celebrated (a book to celebrate its 15th year, no less) predecessor’s pedigree to continue the “It” bag label for Fendi.

Making the bag more modern is the long chain shoulder-strap, making it ideal for crossbody wear. The new Baguette features a front pocket perfect to hold a phone, something Fendi designers of pre-smartphone era didn’t have to worry with. Baguette is available in many colors and materials, including soft nappa leather, bright pink and luminous orange shearling and in ultra-luxurious black crocodile.

Luxurious Be Baguette’s though don’t come cheap. Prices range from $1,350 for a mini Baguette in nappa to, “It” bag worthy $20,000 for the plush black crocodile. Available online and in store to temp you with a must-have accessory purchase this Fall season.

Fendi Baguette 2013 - Crocodile 2

Fendi Baguette 2013 - Shearling 4

Fendi Baguette 2013 - Leather 3


Source: Luxury Launches