Louis Vuitton Twist Bag For Holidays With A Twist


Two versions of the versatile Twist bag found their way to Louis Vuitton’s Christmas Gift List. One is the Twist Malletage, which Nicolas Ghesquière introduced as part of his Cruise 2015 collection. The second is the regular version with minor updates to fit with holidays. The Twist Malletage is offered in two colors powder blue and red, while the new Twist comes in colors gold, silver and black. Both Twist versions measure L 7.1 x H 5.1 x W 3.5 inches.

At first sight you might think Épi leather made Twist is too small, however due to Twist’s innovative “wave” base there is plenty of room to carry essentials on a night out for a Christmas party. Other details of the bag include tone-on-tone edge dyeing, cowhide leather trim, microfiber interior lining and an interior pocket with removable mirror. The Twist boast an extra-long chain handle, which allows for it to carry in several ways – by hand, cross body or shoulder carry. It also feature brand’s signature LV twist lock as well as accents in either gold or palladium brass.

Louis Vuitton - Twist Epi 4

Available from Louis Vuitton online store and luxury department stores, the Twist retails for $3,250 and the Twist Malletage for $3,550.Louis Vuitton - Twist Epi 2 Louis Vuitton - Twist Epi 3 Louis Vuitton - Twist Epi 5 Louis Vuitton - Twist Epi 6


Source: Louis Vuitton