Bar Chocolat By Pierre Hermé Paris At The Le Royal Monceau Raffles Paris

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There isn’t much time left to enjoy the Bar Chocolat by Pierre Hermé Paris at the Le Royal Monceau Raffles in Paris. Hermé known as “the Picasso of pastry” is also in charge of everything related to pâtisserie at the luxury Parisian hotel, began serving chocolate infused treats in November at the Philippe Starck designed Bar Long. Hermé who says “I like the idea of sharing my world, where cocoa is the king” has created a drool worthy chocolate-based dessert and drink menu with many textures and flavors.

To start or end the delightful chocolate meal, Hermé has created four hot chocolate based drinks, each with a different flavor. The Originel consists of flavors pepper, grains and corn foam. The second is Viennois that comes flavored with chantily cream. The Comme au 16ème Siècle pays tribute to South American spices, the fourth beverage Whisky Chocolat is a rich mix of pure malt whisky, cocoa liqueur and whisky cream.

The desserts menu consists of three delicious delicacies. Since the menu was created back in November with holidays and winter on mind, they are presented with a festive bent. The Délire Délice Infiniment Praliné Noisette is a choux pastry filled with smooth hazelnut cream, caramelized hazelnuts, praline ice cream and hazelnut praline sauce. While the Azur, a fancy chocolate mousse made with Grand Cru Manjari smooth cream comes decorated with a chocolate shortbread biscuit, candied Kochi yuzu, thin slices of dried lime and yuzu sauce. Final item on the menu to satisfy your sweet tooth is a created from caramelized puff pastry named Plénitude Millefeuilles, which is filled with , Grand Cru Araguani chocolate mascarpone cream, salted butter caramel and dark chocolate slivers with fleur de sel.

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The third segment of the three course dessert menu is a chocolate drinks menu with three indulgent drinks. Made from Grand Cru Caraibe chocolate cream, the Menthe Fraîche has a mint flavor thanks to fresh mint granite. Inca, another South American inspired drink made from Grand Cru Caraibe hot chocolate ganache also has ingredients avocado and bananas compote. Completing the entire menu of enticing chocolate goodness is Rouge and Noir, also made with Grand Cru Manjari chocolate cream as main ingredient along with Grand Cru Manjari, chantilly cream and crispy fruits in balsamic vinegar gelée for added flavor and texture.

Good news piling on here, this fancy three course chocolate menu will not break your bank. Pricing starts with €14 per drink and €21 per dessert. Compare to most other places you can enjoy an item from each menu for under €100 (if you prefer champagne that of course is extra). According to Le Royal Monceau – Raffles, the Bar Chocolat by Pierre Hermé Paris will be available till March 31 from 3pm – 6pm daily.


Source: Luxury Launches

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