Your Ultimate High-End Speaker System $295,000 Goldmund Logos Anatta

Goldmund Logos Anatta

Brand names that comes to mind when we discuss hi-end audio and entertainment systems are Bose, Band & Olufsen, Sennheiser and BASF. Then there is the other lot – the ultimate high-end speakers that costs more than your home and your luxury car and couple of those brands are Magico M5 and Avantgarde. Swiss-based Goldmund and their latest entertainment system Logos Anatta belong in the ultimate high-end category. And it has a hefty $295,000 price tag that is going to cost you more than an arm and a leg.

Inspiration for Logos Anatta comes from a set of audio equipment designed by Italian artist Claudio Rotta Loria 25 years ago named the “Apologue”. The stylishly built hand-assembled system feature a set of three cubes (tweeter, midrange and woofer) in different sizes stacked on a metallic frame. The entire system stands at 5 feet 6 inches (1.6 meters). Since Logos Anatta costs a fortune, to match that price tag the system comes made with premium material that include high quality steel, ultra-rigid brass rhodium and a dash of gold. As for the colors they are available in Goldmund’s customary aluminium finish and black frames – a color combination that assures they blend in perfectly with any décor and interior.

Goldmund Logos Anatta

In addition to wired link, the Anatta thanks to its Goldmund dongle is capable of connecting wirelessly via host of other devices including a computer and a Mimeisi 11 hub. To use with multiple devices Anatta can also be connected to a processor/wireless transmitter. With its power cord hidden completely within the frame, and the amplifiers and filters tucked inside the speakers they offer a neat setting.

If you are wondering about the name “Anatta” here is the explanation and it actually has a religious background, in Buddhist doctrine Anatta refers to “absence of self” – which more or less means “non-changing” and stays true to reality. The Logos Anatta is designed to offer clear sounds as close to reality as possible. Goldmund claims sound output quality from speakers are exactly as they were recorded with no coloration, noise or distortion.

Goldmund Logos Anatta

Goldmund’s advanced Proteus Speaker Modeling technology is the power behind Logos Anatta which allows the flexibility to create speakers in different shapes while maintaining the high standards of sound quality. Thanks to their improved Leonardo technology that corrects the time distortion in crossovers, music played from computers via their dongle comes out crisp clear.

Installation is pretty easy just rolled out of the crate, place where you want it and plug to a power socket. Goldmund also offer help with configurations if intended use is for a home cinema system.

Goldmund Logos Anatta Goldmund Logos Anatta


Source: Luxury Launches and Goldmund