Alexander Amosu iPhone 6 Studded With 6,127 Diamonds Costs $2.75 Million

Alexander Amosu iPhone 6 1

Much anticipated iPhone 6 is here and along with it all the related hoopla. This also means time for announcements of luxury designs and accessories for the brand new iPhone 6. Another one of British-based luxury accessory manufacturers, Alexander Amosu, declared they are ready to take your pre-order to dress an iPhone 6 in pure gold and embed it with diamonds. There is a catch however, it will cost you £1.7 million, which is about $2.75 million. For that money you’ll get an iPhone 6 covered in solid 18 karat gold weighing about 85grms and 6,127 brilliant cut diamonds in VVS1 IF Color, studded by hand.

Price of Amosu is not quite in the same zip code as the ones from Falcon Luxury, nevertheless it still not fit the iPhone 6 budget you and me have. If millions are not affordable, you can still get a gold-plated Amosu for a couple of thousands. Their thousand pound/dollar option includes a 24 karat yellow and rose gold iPhone 6, if you like Alexander Amosu will engrave it with your name or company name and logo – all for a mere £2,399 (approx. $3,860).

Alexander Amosu iPhone 6 3 Alexander Amosu iPhone 6 2


Source: Luxury Launches and Alexander Amosu