Fancy $20k Playhouse From Lilliput Play Homes For The Kid Who Has Everything

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Your three year old can finally get her/his place right next to your place in the backyard. For the toddler who has everything, a custom made castle or a Victorian home would be perfect gift this Christmas. These fancy playhouses are made in Finleyville, PA by Lilliput Play Homes. Each luxury mini-abode costs $20,000. For that price they come with functioning windows, something you can’t find these days in a big house.

There are several collections to choose from that include Victorian, Picket Fence, Colonial and Town & Country styles. Some of the houses can be connected to electrical mains. Lilliput also offers an accessories collection to make interiors fancier.

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Most of the mini-houses are made of solid wood and feature artificial hardwood floors, windows and doors, lighting, color coordinated painted walls and door bells. Some even have a fireplace mantle on which kids can place little treasures, fireplace itself houses a hand-painted flame. Two story houses come with cozy loft space and a ladder to access it. Playhouses are designed for kids aged three to ten years old. But the size, amenities and price of one makes you wonder if an adult can live in one of these, because rent everywhere is too damn high .

If $20,000 is out of your reach, there are others like the Storybook Bungalow for girls that costs just $7,299 and for boys the Sassafras Castle $7,199. Lilliput also build diners, theaters, lookouts and markets for much more affordable prices – around $4,000. Regardless of the different price points they all boasts features that’s sure to make kids happy. They are very detailed models that come with Roman pillars, slides and some even with castle towers.

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Owner of Lilliput Play Homes Stephen Chernicky started the company 20 years ago. He says on Lilliput website “Twenty years ago, my wife and I searched for a playhouse for our daughter, Alyssa, but were unable to discover a product special enough for our little girl. Soon after we created the first Victorian Mansion playhouse and Lilliput Play Homes was born.”

Lilliput Homes build and ship mini-mansions wherever their tiny customers are. They eve built one for a kid in Lahore, Pakistan. To place orders and more information visit Lilliput Play Homes website.

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Source: Daily Mail UK