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Pool table design is timeless, and it has not succumbed to design fads of the day, for couple of centuries. All that started to change recently because of innovative designs and hi-tech materials available. Italian luxury design brand Calma e Gesso has taken advantage of new technologies to create the very elegant Filotto pool table.

But first off let’s listen to a short story from Adriano Design, the company behind the Calma e Gesso brand. The name Calma e Gesso is an Italian expression that originated in the world of billiards. “Calma” is the moment a player takes before a difficult shot to consider his next move while rotating chalk “Gesso” on the tip of his cue stick – a process that is a direction and a motto at the same time. Taking a cue from this the company has appropriately named their brand accordingly.

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Now, back to the pool table named Filotto. As Calma notes pool table is a product with a long history but short on evolution. Even though the basics of the pool table design remains the same, the Filatto’s design makes the familiar green wool suspended in an “ethereal crystal structure.” It features a thin steel frame wrapped in transparent crystal, frame in turn helped shed heaviness that has always been a part of classic pool tables. The steel frame is adjustable and divisible in addition to being able to support the flat game surface. The 750 kg Filatto practically “float” on four crystal legs.

Gregg Broadarick collaborated with Adriano Design to bring the Filatto pool table to life. Headquarters of fashion house Ralph Lauren is one of the first to install this innovative creation that resembles a modern day masterpiece. Described by Adriano Design as 50% elegance, 50% innovation, 100% Italian, it will be on display during the Milan Design Week that starts tomorrow.

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Source: Adriano Design

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