Innovative Three-Piece Dog Accessory Collection From Nendo

Heads or Tails - 2

Man’s best friend deserves nothing but the best. With this in mind, talented minds at Japanese design firm Nendo has created a modern, practical and beautiful collection of dog accessories. The collection named “Head and Tails” was commissioned by Japan’s Pen Magazine.

Three piece set includes a faux leather bed, ceramic dish and a silicone toy. Each item does double duty, the bed turns into a small igloo-like dog house, reversible bowl is shallow dish for food on one side and a deeper dish on the other side for water, the silicone rubber “bone” can transform to a ball.

Heads or Tails - 6


Using triangular panels and polygon mesh, Nendo accomplished the difficult task of creating two different shapes in one form. Head and Tail collection is available in two colors – black and white.

Heads or Tails - 3

Heads or Tails - 1

Heads or Tails - 5

Heads or Tails - 7

Heads or Tails - 4


Source: Nendo