Lotusier Tea Humidor – The World’s First Tea Humidor Designed By Åsa Eriksson-Ahuja

Lotusier Tea Humidor

Åsa Eriksson-Ahuja and her London-based interiors company Lotusier has something unique to offer for tea drinkers – a humidor. I have never heard of tea humidors before, heard plenty about cigar humidors, though. That is because we never think of humble tea leaves as something that deserves proper care. If the freshness of tea leaves are preserved, we get to drink a perfect cup of tea – this is what was on Swedish-native Åsa Eriksson-Ahuja’s mind when she set off to design the Lotusier Tea Humidor collection.

Lotusier Tea Humidor

The Lotusier humidor is not just a humidor, it is a work of art, designed and created with love, for love. In 2011, Eriksson-Ahuja designed her first tea humidor for her tea-loving husband, who happened to be a tea collector. More often than not he was left disappointed when his premium teas, loose their flavor and aroma, this is what made Eriksson-Ahuja look for a solution. Afterward, she spent time researching and improving the humidor to prepare it for the outside world. The final result is the Lotusier humidor, which by the way received the approval of Madame Yu Hui Tseng, a master of the Chinese Gungfu tea ceremony.

The Lotusier humidors are handcrafted from sycamore wood and feature chrome fittings. The unique humidor is designed to protect teas from light, odor, heat, air, and moisture, preserving its flavor. Eriksson-Ahuja explained the reason for choosing sycamore wood “Traditional cigar humidors are cedar. It gives a lovely scent to the cigars, but it would be far too strong for tea.” She also added “Normally you wouldn’t want to keep a beautiful first flush Darjeeling next to a strong oolong. It would destroy the original flavor”.

Lotusier Tea Humidor

Each humidor consists of a four to six air tight custom crystal containers that can hold up to 70 grams of loose-leaf tea. They are designed to make sure to keep flavors from blending and to distribute humidity evenly. Special channels in the crystals, a built-in thermometer, and the crystals’ stainless steel base help keep the humidity in check. Eriksson-Ahuja’s recommendation is to store tea at a comfortable room temperature and 55 to 70 percent humidity.

The Lotusier Tea Humidor is a five design collection inspired by tea-drinking countries. Customers have the option to order bespoke versions as well. Priced $8,750, the company is now taking pre-orders for the world’s first tea humidor.

Source: Robb Report

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