State Of The Art Luxury Safe “Pauline” From Döttling

Doettling - Pauline 1

Have you ever seen a luxury safe? Well, I haven’t, until today. High-end safe manufacturer from Germany, Döttling, has a made a name for itself as the leader in this highly specialized market. Well-known safes from the company include the Bel-Air Magnus, Guardian, and Fortress. These are unique and one of a kind masterpieces made with the best technology, security mechanisms, and aesthetics. Pauline, the safe that’s the subject of this post, is the latest addition to their illustrious portfolio.

Pauline safe is named after the company owner, Markus Döttling’s oldest daughter. Though the smallest safe in the Döttling’s line, Pauline sports a luxurious elegance Döttling is known for. As Döttling puts it, the timeless design of the safe is a tribute to “the extravagant luxury of the Belle Époque.” 

Besides the perfectly crafted drawers for jewelry and documents, Pauline houses a portable jewelry case, which can be optionally fitted with a GPS transmitter. Pauline features a gentle release mechanism, in which the safe lid covers the hidden input unit, the opening mechanism is camouflaged with a belt clasp and the removable jewelry case.  Such technical acumen only master craftsmen like Döttling can accomplish.

Doettling - Pauline 2

Doettling - Pauline 3

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Doettling - Pauline 6


Source: Luxury Launches and Döttling