Pyramids Inspired Luxury Scented Candles From Baobab Collection

Baobab Collection

Baobab Collection, the scented candle maker from Belgium has been making candles for the high-end market since 2004. Started out as an African landscape inspired collection, candle line has now expanded to include Chinese landscapes, Russian steppes and Egyptian pyramids. The luxurious collection comes in an array of decorative transparent glass vases and stainless steel holders, and fragrances.

Made with only top-notch raw materials, its fragrances are supplied by a renowned perfumer in perfume capitol of the world, Grasse, France. Candle wicks are made from fine Egyptian cotton to assure longevity and each candle feature 4 wicks for even burning. Decorative ribbons and labels of the candles are all hand applied. Baobab candles arrives in an elegant black box made by Belgium craftsmen.

Baobab Collection is sold at all luxury department stores around the world, such as Harrods in London and at their flagship store in Brussels.

Below we take a quick look at the Electrum range, inspired by the three Great Pyramids of Giza. Candles of Electrum range are available in five different sizes.

Kheops Candle

Baobab Collection - Kheops

Kheops candle is inspired by the Pyramid of Kheops, the oldest and largest of the three pyramids in Giza. The scented candle boasts main fragrance notes of cistus flowers and camel leather, and a hint of fresh tobacco. Its decorative stainless steel vase with hammered design is hand filled with natural white wax. Price £119 (approx. $190) per 16cm candle.

Khephren Candle

Baobab Collection - Khephren

Khephren candle is inspired by the second pyramid of the three Great Pyramids of Giza. Only great pyramid to retain part of its original polished limestone casing near its apex. Khephren’s features fragrance notes of cologne-chypre. The Khephren is offered in a beautiful golden glass vase with hammered dot design. Hand filled with 16cm of natural white wax, candle is priced at £119 (approx. $190).

Mykerinos Candle

Baobab Collection - Mykerinos Dark

Mykerinos candle pays homage to the third and modest sized pyramid of Giza. Floral fragrances of myrrh and acacia acts as main notes of the candle. The candle is presented in a stainless steel decorative vase with hammered dot design, filled with 16cm of natural white wax. Price £119 (approx. $190) per 16cm candle.


Source: Baobab Collection and Amara