This Could Be Your Dream Job – Global Dinner Party Critic At Timothy Oulton

Timothy Oulton - Global Dinner Party Critic

If you have a liking for finer things in life (who doesn’t), you also love to travel to far flung places in three continents and enjoy vastly different dinner parties – well there is a chance to do all of that thanks to British furniture and interiors company, Timothy Oulton. The firm has teamed-up with VeryFirstTo in an effort to find their perfect Global Dinner Party Critic with the aim to revive the lost art of hosting and dining.

Even if your expertise is having lunch at your desk, there is a chance that you too can land this job because it is not just limited to food. Job of the Global Dinner Party Critic also include reviewing from menu and interiors to music, welcome, atmosphere, guests and conversation. With this being more than a food critic assignment, the critic gets to meet top notch guests at each event. There are four dinner events planned for the critic to review that range from small and intimate to a grand dinner for 100 hosted by Timothy Oulton and his design team at his studio and showroom in China on 11th September. Other three events planned for October include the iconic LA Athletic Club in Los Angeles on 2nd, in Amsterdam at the Timothy Oulton Gallery on 8th and in New York at a trendy urban hideaway 22nd.

Timothy Oulton - Global Dinner Party Critic

Applications must be sent by midnight August 30th 2015. Winner will be announced publicly by September 7th and prior to that applicant will receive the good news by September 4th. Once the initial tour is complete the critic get to choose Timothy Oulten dining room interiors worth up to $25,000. Other perks of the job include business class long-haul travel to events, $200 daily spending money and stays at 4-star hotels.

Timothy Oulton - Global Dinner Party Critic

Needless to say the company is looking for someone with a passion for people and elegant dinner parties. They would also love to see applicants who are active on social media with a good number of followers. Other job requirements include the ability to identify and judge excellent hosting skills, strong writing skills and a good appreciation for interiors and cuisine. Applicants also required to write a maximum 60 word essay to describe why he/she is the best person for the job and they have to answer 3 questions to describe their perfect dinner party.
To apply for the fancy Global Dinner Party Critic visit VeryFirstTo website here.

Timothy Oulton - Global Dinner Party Critic Timothy Oulton - Global Dinner Party Critic


Source: VeryFirstTo