Live Like Aristocracy In Castle Vesoul, Yours For $17 Million

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To live like a king, queen or even a count you need a castle. There is one such castle up for sale in Franche-Comté, France near Swiss-German border. The Castle Vesoul, a designated historical landmark in the region is surrounded by 60 acres of land belong to the property. Living space on main house total to approximately 24000 sq ft. Property is just a 1 hr and 15 min drive from Mulhouse-Bale airport and a stone’s throw away from Switzerland and Germany.

The Castle Vesoul has 24 bedrooms in total and numerous bathrooms in the main house. All 11 bedrooms on the first floor has a fireplace while second floor 11 rooms feature en-suite bathrooms. Third floor has two bedrooms and a bathroom.

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Main features of the property includes on garden level vaulted rooms lit by natural light, laundry room, large kitchen with a monumental fireplace, professional kitchen, staff dining room, back entrance and boiler room. On the raised ground floor a magnificent hallway with a huge limestone fireplace and galleries on left and right leads to two sitting rooms. The first sitting room features an elegant sculpted oak fireplace, coffered ceiling and opulent Gobelins tapestries. Taking center stage in the second sitting room are a stunning marble fireplace with an over mantel, Louis XV paneling and sky painted ceiling. Dining room show cases a black marble fireplace with fluted columns and fleur-de-lis ceiling.

The Castle Vesoul also has a swimming pool, many outer buildings, manicured gardens, a stable, garages, a woodshed, an orangery and a vegetable garden. The great property is surrounded by trees and a river parkland. All of this come with a price tag of €12.6 million (approx. $17 million) and a tax break if you are a taxpayer in France.

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Source: Le Nail Real Estate