The Manta Resort’s Underwater Room To Sleep With Nemo

Manta Resort - Under Water Room 1

If you ever dreamt of sleeping with Nemo (no, not like that!) but never knew how, Manta Resort has the perfect solution for you. You can watch plenty of Nemos swim by you at the Manta Resort’s new underwater room. Manta Resort is located on Pemba Island, part of Zanzibar archipelago off the coast of East Africa.

The underwater room is part of resort’s newest attraction, a private floating island. Room is submerged 13 feet below the Indian Ocean, providing an unforgettable experience to guests with views of tropical fish and other creatures that swim by from room’s windows. You can meet and greet certain living things you don’t normally see outside your window at home – like shoals of reef fish, octopus and bat fish.

Manta Resort - Under Water Room 7

Other features of the private island includes two additional levels, the top deck with a terrace for sunbathing by day and star gazing by night. And the water deck at sea level to dine and lounge, and bathroom facilities.

The floating room is designed by pioneers of underwater room building Sweden’s Genberg Underwater Hotels.

Room rate is $1500 per night or $750 per night per person if sharing for the underwater room.

Manta Resort - Under Water Room 4

Manta Resort - Under Water Room 2

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Manta Resort - Under Water Room 3


Source: Yahoo!