Limited Edition Popeye Rolex Yachtmaster Watch

Popeye Rolex Yachtmaster 1

Bamford Watch Department and DRx Romanelli are back in collaboration. They have teamed up again for a limited edition Army vs Navy project, Popeye Rolex Yatchmaster. Instead of their signature black MGT (military guide titanium) coating, customizers, this time opts for an 18 karat yellow gold yatchmaster.

Popeye Rolex Yatchmaster 2

Talking about the shift from signature MGT to gold, George Bamford of BWD said: “we had such a great response to our signature black PVD ‘Army vs. Navy’ series that DRx and I felt that the gold Yachtmaster was the next step.”

Whilst keeping its traditional features intact, this watch features Popeye and his forearm-heavy arms providing the hour and minute hands. With only 10 in production, head over to Bamford Watch Department for a price request for this Limited Edition Popeye Rolex Yachtmaster.


Source: Bamford Watch Department