Antolpo Icing Cookie Designer Biscuits From Japan


Contrary to popular opinion, cookie world do not use the same cookie cutter for every cookie. Japanese pastry chef Ogura Chihiro bucked the cookie cutter norm entirely and bake cookies in all kinds of striking shapes, colors and sizes for her cookie-brand Antolpo Icing Cookie. Chihiro who also owns two successful pastry shops in Tokyo, takes orders online for her bespoke biscuits. You can order them in any design and Chihiro will do all she can to deliver designer cookies just the way you want them.

The Antolpo cookies are so popular, their online order taking now has a wait list. The demand is due to the fact that the company now offer them worldwide. They even advise customers to place orders two months in advance to ensure prompt delivery on special occasions. The Antolpo butter cookies come decorated with royal icing in many colors, but the biggest secret lie in beautiful and playful designs.


Place orders by emailing Chihiro at [email protected]. For special designs attach your images along with relevant details. Or you can pick designs from their catalog, this of course helps in expediting the order process. Pricing depend on your requirements or you can just tell her how much you are willing to spend on designer cookies. Check out images of fancy Antolpo Icing Cookie below, then proceed to place your order.

Antolpo Cookies Antolpo Cookies Antolpo Cookies Antolpo Cookies Antolpo Cookies Antolpo Cookies


Source: Antolpo Cookie