Exclusive Cuvée Carbon Champagne Will Cost You $3,000 For A Magnum

Cuvee Carbon Champagne

If you are a champagne connoisseur and by happenstance live in Saint Tropez at this very moment, you’ll be wise to hurry up to the House of Devavry to snatch a limited edition single Magnum of Cuvée Carbon Champagne. Don’t forget to take €2,100 or $2,900 approx. equivalent. For that money you will only get a bottle of 1.5 liter Carbon Champagne, a Grand and Premier Cru blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes.

Strict French Law prohibits any changes to the shape of the glass champagne bottle, this forces winemakers to be creative to stand out against the competition by making changes to the exterior of the bottle. At the House of Devavry, this responsibility fell on Alexandre Mea, whose family’s winegrowing and champagne making goes back at least five generations. A Formula 1 racing fan, it took Mea four years to transfer his carbon fiber knowledge from Formula 1 cars to champagne bottles. The first wines to receive the iconic carbon bottle treatment were 2005 and 2006 vintages.

Cuvee Carbon Champagne 2

Making of one carbon bottle takes a Reims, France based master craftsman six days and 30 individual precise steps to create the carbon packaging that wraps around a Magnum bottle of Champagne. The high price label of the Cuvée Carbon is due to this very labor intensive and very costly packaging.

In all, three sizes of Carbon Champagnes are available including the Magnum, the Methuselah 6 liter bottle for €6,000 (approx. $8,200) and the Nebuchadnezzar 15 liter at (approx. $48,000). As the price tags show, producers are betting big on exclusivity.

The newly opened Saint Tropez shop sells only two items, the Carbon Champagne and caviar. Other exclusive markets Carbon Champagne on sale are Monaco, Moscow, and Mauritius, with availability in the US a big maybe.


Source: Forbes and Cuvée Carbon