Mouthwatering Knitted Comfort Food By Jessica Dance And David Sykes

Jessica Dance - Wool Comfort Food

These look delicious except you can’t eat them. Faux wool food are created by art director and model maker Jessica Dance and photographed by David Sykes for their food art project. Named “Comfort Food Series” it sure does give a new meaning to the phrase “comfort food”. They are knitted from the best wools England has to offer.

All items are knitted and sculpted by Dance and finishing applied in lambswool using a vintage knitting machine. They do look real from a distance at a glance and every miniscule detail is visible up close. Comfort Food Series feature delicious homemade Christmas dinners, lamb burgers and fries, and a hot dog.

Dance on her website says “This is mine and David’s take on a Full English Breakfast, we’ve been working together on a few woolly faux food projects and thought it would be nice to create an image of a Full English in a typical British cafe.”

The British duo are planning an exhibition at the end of this year, we can expect to see additional models and photographs of eye catching, mouthwatering woolly comfort food to look at.

Lamb Burger – 100% Lambs Wool   Jessica Dance - Wool Lamb Burger 2

Knit Dog – 100% Lambs Wool Jessica Dance - Knit Dog

Knitted Full English  Jessica Dance - Full English Breakfast

Knitted Christmas Dinner Jessica Dance - Knitted Christmas Dinner


Source: Jessica Dance and David Sykes

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