Rare White Gold Caviar At £73,000 Per Kilo Is The World’s Most Expensive Food

World’s Most Expensive Food- Albino White Gold Caviar 1

When everything is said and done wet or dry, caviar is one of world’s most expensive foods. Now it has the distinction of being called “the most expensive food in the world.” All this is possible because of a father and son duo in Salzburg, Austria. Fish farmers Walter Gruell, 51 and his 25 year old son Patrick are the inventors of powdery white gold caviar that is now making waves in the gourmet food world. Their caviar is priced at £73,000 (about $112,600) per kilo. Did I mention this caviar is gold sprinkled too?

Gruell’s have priced their white gold caviar by taking into account three items exclusivity, great taste and health advantages. By adding gold leaf to the mix, they added value to the caviar as a food group full of nutrition. They claim in small quantities gold leaf is good for the immune system. According to Patrick their caviar comes from the white roe of the rare albino sturgeon. He also believe the reason for high quality of their caviar is clean unpolluted water that flowing down from Austrian mountain snowfields.

World’s Most Expensive Food- Albino White Gold Caviar 2

To enhance its flavor, the caviar gets seasoned before being dehydrated. After that it gets grated finely and get mixed with a small amount 22 karat gold. For this exclusive product family only use older sturgeon, according to them the eggs are more elegant, smooth, aromatic and better tasting with a spongier texture. According to Patrick “the taste is very strong and taste distinctly of fresh fish.”

At £73,000 per kilo, Gruells are actually selling caviar at a deeply discounted price. The Strottarga Bianco white caviar uses five kilos to make a kilo of dehydrated gold mixed version, which at market price would cost at least £200,000. Even at a discount only a handful of people can afford it, so they offering it only to selected customers from Monaco to Dubai.

Younger Gruell also offered some free tips on best ways to eat their pricey powered white gold caviar. In his words “the golden yellow white spreadable powder that we create can quickly be made into a paste, risotto or put on toasted bread with butter. It only needs very small quantities for the flavor to be spread to a meal.”


Source: Yahoo UK